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Le-Mimi Ltd. was established in early 2014 with main focus on publishing books of wishes that bring back memories of unforgettable moments and exceptional days of our life.

Our first book “Wedding Book of Wishes” was dedicated to a wedding day. No matter whether the wedding is big or small … to the wedding table we invite our most dearest ones – family, friends and people who we might not see too often, but who have a special place in our hearts. We had a desire to create a book that even years later would remind us of the wedding day magic and of those who have made this day special.

Our second book “My Childhood Memory Book” is dedicated to childhood. This book will preserves the most precious memories of beautiful, carefree, but very important time – the beginning of life. Hand-written memories and messages from family and the closest ones will also remind children of those who made up their child’s world, stood by them and helped them to find their own way.

Our dream is that people open these books with joy and remind themselves of the magic of their wedding day or their childhood, but especially of the loved ones who accompanied them in these beautiful moments. Both books were created with love and we believe that they will be filled with loving and affectionate messages. That is why “With Love” is the motto of all our books.

Wedding Book of Wishes has been so far published in two language versions – in English and Slovak and My Childhood Memory Book in four language versions – in English, Swedish, Slovak and Czech. Gradually we plan to increase the number of language versions. We also plan to publish more books of wishes dedicated to other occasions, but that’s a secret for now…

Authors of the website and books

Authors:                                                                                      Veľtrh-v-BA-31-300x226

Lenka Belisova

Michaela Sebestova

Miriama Hurban Sebestova


Authors of illustration:

Wedding book of wishes
Marianna Tomovics, www.mariannatomovics.com
Daniel Sekera, www.ddesign.sk
Duška Vrbovska
Aneta Pastierikova

My Childhood Memory Book
Juliana Hamajdakova www.malovaneumenie.sk
Roman Mihaliska
Michaela Sebestova